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OPSITE Post-Op Visible 15x10cm 66800137


Barcode: 5000223463076

OPSITE Post-Op Visible is a waterproof, bacteria proof dressing with a see-through absorbent pad

Lattice foam structure
Allows you to monitor progress of the wound as often as you like without unnecessary dressing changes for your patients. This reduces disturbance to the wound bed, minimises the risk of infection and helps to provide a cost effective solution

High Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR)
The film has a unique molecular structure which gives a high MVTR. This allows unwanted moisture to transpire and helps prevent infection

Bacterial barrier
Provides a barrier against bacteria, including MRSA, to reduce the risk of infection

Waterproof film
Patient can shower with dressing in situ

Highly absorbent lattice pad
Allows lateral spread across the lattice pad to maximize absorbency without impairing visibility, reducing the risk of skin maceration and minimising the number of dressing changes for cost effective care

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