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Mepilex Absorbent Foam Silicone Dressing 10cm x 10cm


Mepilex Absorbent Silicone Dressing

The effective absorbent foam dressing

Mepilex is a soft and highly conformable foam dressing that absorbs exudate and maintains a moist wound environment. The Safetac layer seals the wound edges, preventing the exudate to leak onto the surrounding skin, thus minimising the risk for maceration. The Safetac layer ensures that the dressing can be changed without damaging the wound or surrounding skin or exposing the patient to additional pain.

Benefits of Mepilex

  • Minimises pain and trauma at dressing changes

  • Stays in place allowing for "hands-free" to facilitate application of compression or retention bandages

  • Well suited to be used under compression bandages

  • Can be cut to suit various wound shapes and difficult-todress locations

  • Promotes patient comfort during wear

  • Can remain in place for several days depending on the condition of the wound

  • Can be lifted and adjusted without losing its adherent properties

  • Low potential for skin irritation and allergy

Areas of use

Mepilex is designed for a wide range of exuding wounds such as leg and foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and traumatic wounds, e.g. skin tears and secondary healing wounds

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