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Leukomed 5 X 5 CM 50'S Low Adherent Wound Pad


Leukomed Low Adherent Wound Pad

For all wounds with low to moderate secretions, Leukomed LA provides reliable, non-stick absorption. The dressing is suitable for post-operative wounds and for casualty use, including clean and sutured wounds, abrasions, lacerations and minor burns.

Take the pain out of dressing changes.

  • The Leukomed LA absorbent dressing has a micro- perforated polyester layer to ensure that it does not stick to the wound.

  • The excellent absorption effect makes your wound management easier.

The extra-thick absorbent cotton core has high absorption capacity. At the same time, the water-repel- lent layer on the reverse prevents wound exudate from leaking.

  • Less dressing changes are required.

  • A suitable dressing for every need.

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