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Kaltostat Calcium Alginate 7.5 X 12CM


Product Description
Exudate Management � For moderately to heavily exuding wounds
KALTOSTAT� dressing is an absorbent, calcium sodium alginate (80% Ca and 20% Na) with a
high Guluronic acid content. When in contact with wound exudate, calcium ions in the dressing
exchange with sodium ions in the exudate causing the dressing to transform from a dry, fibrous
state to a firm, moist gel. The dressing provides a moist environment helping to create optimal
wound healing conditions and maintains its integrity allowing for easy, atraumatic removal.
KALTOSTAT� dressing is also designed to promote haemostasis, providing a matrix to support
blood clot formation
Carefully cleanse the wound with saline and dry surrounding skin.
KALTOSTAT� dressing should be folded or cut to the shape of the wound and applied dry directly
onto the wound. For moderately exuding wounds, Versiva� XC�, DuoDERM� or CombiDERM�
dressings, amongst others, can be used as a secondary dressings over Kaltostat� dressing.
If highly exuding, a secondary absorbent pad should be used for additional absorbency and secured in place.
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