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Hydrocolloid Dressing 5cm x 7cm Transparent Comfeel 3530


Product description
The Comfeel Plus Clear dressing is a flexible and transparent hydrocolloid dressing, ideal for both acute and chronic wounds.
The semi-permeable surface of Comfeel Plus Clear dressing regulates the moisture in the wound in accordance with the volume of exudate.
During heavy exudation the film allows evaporation providing space for additional exudate.
During light exudation the pores contract to limit the evaporation.
The transparency of the Comfeel Plus Clear dressing facilitates inspection of the wound without removing the dressing.
The dressing can stay on up to seven days, which means less wound disruption and increased patient comfort.
The grid pattern on the surface of the dressing makes it easy to measure the size of the wound.
Box of 10 dressings

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