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Hydrocolloid Dressing 10cm x 10cm Transparent Comfeel 3311


The Comfeel* Plus Ulcer Dressing consists of moisture absorbing cellulose particles with alginate added. It is encapsulated in a synthetic, elastic and sticky mass. The surface is covered by semi-permeable and elastic polyurethane film.

This dressing provides superior exudate handling capacity, increased wear time and improved adhesion for low to moderate exudating wounds.

Superior exudate management
Optimal moisture is maintained in the wound during healing. It is achieved through a unique interplay between absorption and evaporation

Absorption capacity
+ Evaporation capacity
= Exudate management

Intelligent semi-permeable surface film
The superior exudate management is due to improved absorption and the intelligent semi-permeable surface film. The intelligence consists of the film's ability to regulate the evaporation in accordance with the volume of exudate. During periods of heavy exudation the pores of the film open widely to allow for its evaporation. This provides space for additional exudate. Conversely, during periods of light exudation, the pores contract to limit the evaporation. This gives a dressing that regulates the moisture in the wound. The moisture simplifies the clearing away of dead tissue and encourages epithelialization.
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