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Allevyn Non-Adhesive Dressing 5 X 5 CM


Allevyn* is a clinically proven advanced moist wound healing product for the management of chronic and exuding wounds, such as pressure ulcers and leg ulcers, and acute wounds, such as donor sites.

Allevyn provides a moist wound environment to promote faster healing and can be left in place for much longer than traditional dressings such as gauze and tape. The majority of the dressings have a unique hydrocellular structure which manages more fluid than many other products for chronic wounds widely in use, such as hydrocolloids, alginates and other foams. It can therefore be left on the wound for up to seven days. This allows for reduced frequency of dressing changes, which provides benefits to both patients and healthcare providers.
Patients receive improved treatment through minimal disruption to the healing process as well as maintenance of an appropriate wound healing environment in terms of moisture and warmth. Healthcare providers and funders benefit by reduced costs associated with nursing time, medical consumables and waste disposal.

The original Allevyn dressing has been developed into an extensive range of products, to fit all wound shapes, sites and levels of exudate - offering clinicians excellent choice in terms of matching dressings to patient needs.

Allevyn layered diagram

Dynamic breathable top film = Faster fluid removal when you need it most

Unique design with sealed and shaped edges = Protection against leakage

Modified foam = Faster fluid uptake where you need it most
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