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Activon Tube 25g Medical Manuka Honey


Activon Tube 25g Medical Manuka Honey
Activon Tube contains 100% New Zealand Manuka honey with no additives. Our Manuka honey is filtered and sterilised, making it suitable for application to wounds. Manuka honey will debride and deslough, eliminate odours and provide a moist wound healing environment.

Activon Tube is ideal for debriding necrotic tissue, or for topping up dressings where the honey has been washed away by exudate.

Activon Tube may be applied to any wound especially sloughy, necrotic and malodorous wounds including:
� Pressure ulcers
� Leg ulcers
� Diabetic ulcers
� Surgical wounds
� Burns
� Graft sites
� Infected wounds
� Cavity wounds
� Sinuses
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