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S&N Coolgrip Tubular C 6.75CM


CoolGRIP�Tubular Elastic Support Bandage

Innovative mesh structure enhances air circulation to the skin, ensuring a more comfortable bandage, especially in warmer climates
CoolGRIP is made from cotton and polyester, with latex free elastic threads inlaid into the bandage, providing pressure to the limb
The fine, elastic threads are spaced close together, distributing pressure more evenly, unlike conventional bandages that incorporate thick elastic threads spaced further apart
Provides 14-18 mmHg sub-bandage pressure under a double layer
Management and treatment of lymphoedema and varicose vein conditions
Prevention and management of gravitational oedema following cast removal
Treatment of oedema associated with muscle sprains, strains and joint effusions
Support of weak joints and muscles
Reduction of scar tissue formation following burns, trauma or surgery
Retention of dressings

Size- 6.75CM

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