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B Braun Histoacryl Tissue Adhesive


Barcode: 01040386537006151722053110220253N12401050044

Skin that has been injured in an accident or by a surgical intervention traditionally is closed using sutures or staples. Alternatively, surgeons can use a tissue adhesive. The tissue adhesive Histoacryl� consists of monomeric n-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate, which polymerises quickly in connection with tissue fluid. Histoacryl� is dyed to enable easy visibility. For facial applications, a translucent version, Histoacryl� L, is available. Histoacryl� is supplied in a sterile plastic ampoule with a twist-off tip. In many countries, Histoacryl� is also indicated for sclerosation therapy of esophageal and fundal varices. These varices are a common and dangerous consequence of portal hypertension.

No pain from suture or staple stitches
Saves time and costs (no local anaesthetics, no suture/staple removal, no second consultation)
Antibacterialfilm protectsthe wound
No wound dressing necessary
Fast wound closure
Superior tensile strength in comparison to other tissue adhesives
Simple and precise dosage due to slim cannula and blue dye
Choice between blue and translucent version
Showering possible

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