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DemeSORBSutures 4/0 45cm 19mm Reverse Cutting Violet


Barcode: 01306529271813341725070110N241-20

Reverse cutting 3/8 circle

Sutures by DemeTech - Polyglycolic Acid suture is a synthetic, absorbable, sterile, surgical suture composed of 100% glycolide. The chemical formula of DemeTech's PGA is (C2H2O2)n. Clinical trials have shown that after two weeks, approximately 84% of DemeTech's PGA initial strength remained. At four weeks, approximately 23% of DemeTech's PGA linear tensile strength remained. Sutures by DemeTech - Polyglycolic Acid Suture has been found to be nonantigenic and elicit only mild tissue reactivity during the absorption process.

� Polyglycolic Acid, better known as PGA, is composed of polymers of glycolide acids.

� DemeTech's PGA is coated to allow for easier passage through tissues with only minimal drag.

� Coated PGA sutures facilitate:

- Easy tissue passage

- Precise knot placement

- Smooth tie down

- A decreased tendency to irritate tissue

- Greater tensile strength

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