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DemeQUICK Sutures 4/0 45cm 19mm Reverse Cutting Clear


Barcode: 01306529271494711725030110E240-20

DemeTech's Rapid Absorbable suture is a synthetic, absorbable, sterile, surgical suture composed of copolymers made from 90% glycolide and 10% L-lactide. DemeTech's Rapid Absorbable has been found to be nonantigenic, eliciting only minimal tissue reactivity during the absorption process. Due to a lower molecular weight, relative to DemeTech's PGA or Polyglactin 910, DemeTech's Rapid Absorbable is able to achieve a faster absorption period than other synthetic absorbable sutures. The absorption time for Rapid Absorbable is 42 to 56 days. DemeTech's Rapid Absorbable sutures are available violet and colorless.

� DemeTech's Rapid Absorbable sutures give the best characteristics of both natural and synthetic sutures, allowing for the low infection rate of a synthetic suture, while providing the quick absorption and high tensile strength of collagen sutures (catguts).

� Rapid Absorbable is coated to allow for smooth passage through tissue.

�Clinical trials have shown that after 5 days post implantation, 50% of DemeTech's Rapid absorbable initial strength remained. At 10-14 days post implantation, approximately 0% of DemeTech's Rapid Absorbable linear tensile strength remained

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