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Self Seal Pouches 300x450mm

SKU: AUC38120

Self Seal Pouches 300x450mm

Steriking Self Seal Pouches

Self Seal Pouches with adhesive closure. Quick and secure closing of a pack without a heat sealer. The closing flap is prefolded to facilitate tight sealing.

  • Easy Peal Self Sealing Tape
  • Easy identification of contents through the transparent plastic film.
  • The unique Multi-X film construction improves film toughness and flexibility.
  • Reduced film thickness saves energy and minimizes waste.
  • The 70 gram paper offers a superior barrier against contamination prior to use.
  • Accurate, contrasting process indicators for steam, EO gas and formaldehyde available.
  • The indicator imprints are subjected to same sterilization conditions as the packaged product.
  • All imprints are positioned outside the actual packing area to prevent ink contamination reaching the product.
  • Visible green security seals enable a fast visual check of their integrity.
  • Strong, durable multiline seals.
  • Materials comply with all international standards.
  • Clean, fibre-free opening of packs ensures the safe presentation of sterile products.
  • The wide range of standard sizes allows optimum choice of a correct-sized pack for each item and for double packing purposes.

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