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Mocom S Classic Autoclave


The S Classic steriliser, available in 17-litre, has been

designed to provide an effective mix of cutting-edge technology and outstanding simplicity of use.

The S Classic provides exceptional performance at a decidedly contained cost, the result of careful research into materials that ensure greater durability plus the innovative design and extensive testing of components.

The simplicity concept stems from the goal of making sterilisation procedures easier and more streamlined for the personnel who carry them out.

Mocom�s technological know-how provides excellent safety and reliability, while the company�s 25-year wealth of experience provides exceptionally practical programmes.

Data Management with Electronic Records

With an easy-to-read LCD display and user-friendly keypad, the user can control the steriliser with

complete confidence. The advanced user management system allows identification of users by means of

unique personal ID codes for traceability. Cycle parameters are displayed on screen at the completion of

each cycle enabling parametric release of material without the need for a paper print-out. All sterilisation

process data is recorded on the internal memory and can be downloaded onto a PC in pdf format via a

USB pen drive.

Precision Door Closure Mechanism

The new precision door closure mechanism is both simpler and safer, with the additional benefit of allowing the load to be recovered manually in the event of a power failure.

Constant Monitoring

The display provides a steady stream of useful information on cycle progress. The user is informed when it is necessary to

perform maintenance tasks. This ensures long-lasting steriliser performance and reliability

Water Filling and Emptying

Complete with level sensors, the filling and emptying tanks

feature large doors to make access, inspection and sanitisation easy.

External Printer (optional)

The S Classic can be equipped with an optional external printer

via a RS232 serial port, allowing cycle data to be printed off on rolls of thermal paper.
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