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Accoson Blood Pressure Cuff SINGLE TUBE LARGE ADULT


One-piece cuffs developed to be easy to use, clean, multi-purpose and cost-effective. Our ambidex cuffs feature a unique soft edge which replaces the weld found on other cuffs, ensuring equal comfort for the patient, whether used on right or left arm.

The bladder-less blood pressure cuffs can be used as a regular cuff, or for single patient use, and carries a white panel on which a patient�s name or the cuff location details can be recorded.

Product Features

Cuff can be used on either left or right arm
Inlet tube positioned in the centre of the cuff face frees space for the stethoscope and keeps tubing on the outside of the arm
Cuff Range and artery position indicator can be read when cuff is on either arm
Full range of sizes based on British Hypertension Society?s recommendations
Completely latex free
Panel for single patient or cuff identification if required
Tab for aneroid gauge, which can also be used as a tube tidy
Easily cleaned and antimicrobial treated

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