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BD Vacutainer Eclipse Blood Collection Needle 21g X 1.25 inch Box48


BD's Eclipse´┐Ż blood collection needles are offer an effective and simply way of collecting blood while also helping to reduce the possibility of accidental needlestick injuries to both clinicians and patients. These blood collection needles are both intuitive and easy to use requiring minimal change to your current technique.

Safety shield design allows hands to remain behind the needle at all times. Needle "Bevel up" orientation toward the pink safety shield provides easy identification of bevel position. Safety shield is an "integral" part of the needle; eliminates the need for secondary safety accessory device. Immediate one-handed safety feature activation reduces exposure time and doesn't require a hard surface for activation.

Needle Thickness: 21 Gauge
Needle Length: 1-1/4"
Without Pre-Attached Holder
Safety Shield
Completely Covers the Needle.
Securely and Permanently Locks in Place.
Eliminates the Need for Hard-Surface Activation.
Textured Thumb Pad - Allows Easy, Single Handed Activation Immediately After Exiting the Venipuncture Site.
Bevel-Up Orientation
Always Positioned Bevel-Up Toward the Safety Shield.
Eliminates the Need to Reposition the Bevel Orientation
Back-End Safety
Available with a Pre-Attached Holder to Reduce the Risk of Back-End Needlestick Injuries and Improving Overall Compliance with the OSHA Single-Use Holder Guidelines.
Improves Overall Procedure Efficiency by Reducing the Number of Steps Needed During the Phlebotomy Process.

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