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Nopa Foerster-Ballenger Sponge Forcep Straight Serrated-25 CM


Nopa Foerster-Ballenger Sponge Forcep Straight Serrated

Nopa Foerster-Ballenger Sponge Forceps are generally used to hold gauze swabs in surgical procedures. With a ratcheted handle locking giving a secure grip. these forceps have straight tips with fenestrated, serrated oval ends.

Technical Specifications

  • German Made and Finished

  • German Stainless Steel

  • Theatre Grade Quality


The Strength of Nopa lies in practical, precise and high-quality instruments. These are produced by qualified specialists using the most modern manufacturing methods and processes.

The starting point for Nopa instruments is German raw materials as documents on their products with the inscription "Germany Stainless"

Coupled with Value for Money Nopa surgical instruments should be the first choice for your Theatre, Specialist or General Practice.

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