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OtoClear Aquabot Ear Irrigation Kit � 20 OtoClear Tips, 1 Aquabot Bottle, 1 Ear Basin


Barcode: 859911004887

The Bionix Aquabot ear irrigation system is a simple to use, effective, pressurised bottle system. By depressing the pump and using the push release button you can control the pressure and gently irrigate a patient�s ear.

Easy to use pressurised bottle system
Gently release water using the push release value
Large capacity bottle
Ergonomically shaped drainage basin to fit under patients ear
Compatible with Otoclear irrigation tips
Soft, conical shape prevents over-insertion into patients ear
3 dedicated divergent water streams redirect the water jets away from the patient�s tympanic membrane
Exit portals allow for the water and cerumen to easily drain
1 x Aquabot Bottle
1 x Ear Basic
5 or 20 x Tips
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