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Bionix Lighted Ear Curette MicroLoop

SKU: EQM2220

Bionix Lighted Ear Curette

The Bionix Lighted LED Ear Curettes provide a perfect solution for safe, effective, and easy ear curettage, allowing clinicians to easily access the ear canal without needing a third hand to position the light.

These curettes feature bright LED illumination and magnification to fully expose the ear canal, helping to ensure precise cerumen removal, shortening procedure time and increasing efficacy. A range of curette tips and models provide versatile accommodation for a range of applications and user needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Combine illumination and magnification for maximum visibility.

  • Improved visibility increases efficacy and patient comfort.

  • Eliminates the need for a third hand to position a light.

  • Range of styles better accommodates a variety of applications.

  • Single-use construction eliminates cross-contamination and mess.

Includes:50 curettes per box + 1 Light Source + 1 Magnification Lens

The light source is designed to last at least 50 proceedures. 


–   2240 Lighted FlexLoop® is a 4mm wide tip.
–   2260 Lighted InfantScoop® is a 2mm wide tip.
–   2210 Lighted AngleLoop® is a 4mm wide tip.
–   2220 Lighted MicroLoop® is a 3mm wide tip.
–   2230 Lighted WaveCuretteTM is a 2.5mm wide tip.
–   2270 Lighted VersaLoop® is a 3mm wide tip.
–   2250 Lighted CeraSpoon® is a 4mm wide tip.
–   2280 Lighted CeraPik™ is a 2.5mm wide tip.

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