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L&R RaucodrapePRO Fenestrated 2-layer drape Adh 50cm x 60cm BOX70


&R Raucodrape PRO Fenestrated 2-layer drape Adhesive 50cm x 60cm

Raucodrape PRO drapes are recommended by Lohmann-Rauscher for operations with low to medium amounts of fluids.

Raucodrape PRO surgical fenestrated drapes are made from natural rubber-free raw materials and exceed DIN EN 13795 standards. Thanks to the self-adhesive area around the cut, they adhere securely during the whole operation. The Raucodrape material is double-layered and moisture-proof.

Product Details

  • Raucodrape PRO fenestrated surgical drapes

  • Sterile disposable drape with cutout

  • The area around the cutout is self-adhesive for a secure hold

  • Sterile, individually sealed

  • Moisture-proof material: Double-layered (PP fleece and PE foil)

  • Suitable for operations with normal amounts of fluid

  • Very flexible material drapes well, yet tear-resistant

  • Absorbent over the whole surface

  • Safe protection against bacterial penetration

  • Exceeds the requirements of DIN EN 13795

  • Made from raw materials with no natural rubber latex

  • User-friendly drape folding

  • 3-part adhesive strip for simple application

  • Sterile packaging designed with 2 self-adhesive documentation labels

  • Simple drape removal from closable dispenser box

  • Individually sterile sealed

  • Available in various designs

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