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Microshield Angel Clear Antimicrobial Hand Gel 500ml


MICROSHIELD ANGEL CLEAR� offers the same great skin feel properties and effectiveness as MICROSHIELD ANGEL BLUE� but without any added colour and perfume.
This new formulation is particularly suitable for those who may have an increased sensitivity to added dyes and fragrance.

Keep your hands feeling soft and smooth with MICROSHIELD ANGEL CLEAR� available in two convenient pack sizes
Kills bacteria without water
pH balanced
Enriched with emollient and moisturiser

Application areas
� Indicated for rapid hand disinfection.
� Suitable for use before and after every patient contact and in between hand washes.
Technical Specifications
Product data
Contains 70% v/v Absolute Ethanol and Phenoxyethanol.

Microbiological efficacy
Application area EN1500
Concentration Contact time: Ready To Use
Hygienic handrub:30 sec

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