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Microshield 2 Chlorhexidine Skin Cleanser 500ml 2%


MICROSHIELD� 2 Chlorhexidine Skin Cleanser is a hygienic hand wash indicated for use in antimicrobial hand washing, pre-operative body washing and showering. It is commonly used at clinical sinks and in patient bathrooms for showering.
Enriched with emollient and moisturiser
Topical antiseptic solution
For antimicrobial hand washing
Pre and post-operative body washing and showering

Technical Specifications
Use undiluted.
Antimicrobial Hand washing:
Deliver 5ml onto wet hands. Wash for 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

Body Washing and Showering:
Wet body. Deliver sufficient product to work up a lather. Wash as usual, avoiding the ears and eyes. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

Contains: Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2% w/v (equivalent to Chlorhexidine 11.3g/L) and Tartrazine.
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