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Designed for heavy protection, TENA Pants Maxi are extra secure and worn like normal underwear. The exceptional security is due to the FeelDry� technology which rapidly absorbs even large quantities of urine into the core and away from the skin so that, even when seated or lying down for long periods of time, the wearer will stay dry and comfortable and the risk of skin rashes and infections is significantly reduced.

Features & Benefits:
- New maximum absorbency for heavy protection
- New core design with 7 crotch elastics which follows the body�s contours
providing high leakage security
- Soft cotton-like material that looks and feels like regular underwear
- Simple pull up style with tear away sides for easy removal
- Patented Body-Close Fit� technology with soft stretch elastics for a more secure fit
- Premium protection with FeelDry� technology, leakage barriers and double leg cuffs
- TENA Pants Maxi with ConfioFit� makes it a thinner and a more comfortable choice
- Added comfort with soft, fully breathable material
- Odour control for complete freshness
- Total Capacity 2550ml
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