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TENA Pads Extra Standard Length 24s


TENA Pads Extra Standard Length

TENA Extra Pads Standard Length is specifically designed for women with a close body fit for added security and comfort.
This incontinence pad is ideal for light to moderate bladder leaks.

NEW Thinner Pads, 100% as sercure, 100% as absorbent.
Features TENA Triple Protection against leaks, odour and moisture.
Fresh Odour Control to stop odours and keep you fresh throughout the day.
Asymmetrical shaped core offers a 3D fit which contours to the body for greater comfort, fit and security.

Its DRYZone is designed and placed specifically for women, improving absorption efficiency and protection against leaks. Soft side elastics and BodyShape ensure a great fit, while Fresh Odour Control and breathable fabric provide long-lasting freshness.

They're made from soft, cushiony, dermatologically tested material so theyre extremely comfortable and kind to skin. Also available in Long length.

Use this product for:

Light to moderate urge incontinence losing tablespoons before making it to the toilet
Frequent stress incontinence when coughing, laughing or sneezing
Social situations for secure protection that lasts longer

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