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TENA Soft Wipe 135 pcs


TENA Soft Wipe 135 pcs
A soft and strong cellulose wipe designed for gentle skin cleansing.

- Ideal for use with TENA Wash Cream
- Excellent dry and wet strenght
- Highly absorbent and lint free

What it is
A dry disposable wipe with soft cellulose fibres designed for everyday personal cleansing. Soft and strong, TENA Soft Wipe is ideal for use with TENA Wash Cream for frequent and gentle cleansing.

What it does
The strong and highly absorbent wipe quickly absorbs liquid. Ultra soft for gentle cleansing of the skin. With excellent dry and wet strength the wipe can be used as is or moistened.

How to use it
Available in a handy dispenser box, simply pull out a wipe and use both sides by folding in two. Can be used dry with a lotion or cream, like TENA Wash Cream, or moistened with water for added softness.

Who it�s suitable for
Ideal for frequent everyday personal hygiene. Particularly suitable for the delicate skin of the elderly due to its softness.

Additional Information
Size of wipe: 19x30cm

Available in a dispensing box, containing 135 wipes
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