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Ansell Gammex Latex Dermashield 6 STERILE


GAMMEX� Latex DermaShield� gloves provide enhanced donning ability through their polymer lining. The DermaShield� finish enables you to don with damp or dry hands. GAMMEX� Latex DermaShield� gloves� specific grip characteristics enable you to positively grip instruments whilst the smooth upper surface allows for effective manipulation of delicate items such as suture material.
Special features

Powder-free glove offering strength, softness, comfort and grip.
DermaShield� Coating (animal-free) polymer lining with hydrophilic and hydrophobic elements facilitates damp donning and intra-operative changes.
Excellent latex moisture control maintains shape and fit with hand.
P.E.A.R.L. (Protein and Endogenous Allergen Reduction Leaching) wash technology delivers low levels of residual proteins and chemicals, reducing the risk of latex and chemical sensitisation.
Moisture control reduces risk of electrosurgery shocks.
PV100 accelerator is completely consumed during processing leaving non detectable chemical accelerator residue � thereby reducing the risk of contact dermatitis.
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