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Bib Dental Protectapad 28.5x21cm **PACKET OF 100**


Halyard PROTECTAPAD is made of 3 layers of paper tissue and 1 layer of soft polyethylene laminated together to provide a waterproof absorbent surface protection.
Used extensively in dental surgeries, Halyard PROTECTAPAD is the ideal dental bib
It is used to provide a hygienic surface for dental tools and also for covering benches and trays in pathology labs
Halyard PROTECTAPAD is also used as a medical procedures underlay where fluids are involved, eg. Pillow protection

Available in 2 sizes

Size: 28.5cm x 43cm Large

28.5cm x 21cm Small

Quantity: 100 pads per pack

3-Ply paper tissue, 1-Ply soft polyethylene laminated together
Ideal as Dental Bib or pillow protector

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