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Precise Thick-N Instant Thickening Solution SINGLE SERVE 500ML


Precise Thick-N INSTANT is the GOLD standard for thickening beverages for people with dysphagia. This innovative liquid thickener has been welcomed by the industry as it meets the need for a convenient, accurate way to thicken beverages to precise and predetermined viscosities.
Precise Thick-N INSTANT Single Serve bottles are designed for making individual serves of thickened fluids. Ideal for drink and medication trollies and or home use. It is identified with its aqua colour coded pump and label.


ACCURATE: Precision pump delivers the exact volume needed
SIMPLE Easy mix � liquid disperses easily. No messy powders, no lumps
QUICK Develops viscosity within 30 seconds* For milk based cold beverages, allow to stand for 10 minutes, then re-stir before serving.
SAFE Hygienic seal on every pump nozzle
STABLE Viscosity is stable for 24 hours. Freeze/thaw stable
VERSATILE Thickens a wide range of beverages, supplements and laxatives
OTHER BENEFITS Vegan Suitable, Neutral flavour, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Nut Free and suitable for diabetics
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