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Medicina Enfit Feeding Syringe 60ml LPE60


ENFit Syringes are designed specifically for enteral processes. These processes include initial tube placement, flushing, irrigation and more.
The ENFit connector reduces the risk of misconnections to the tubing. Also, the body is clear for easy measuring against the clearly marked graduated length markings. The clear body also permits you to visually check for air gaps.

In addition, the Enfit oral syringes are latex, DHP, and BPA free making them safe to use on a wide variety of individuals. They are designed for single patient use as well to prevent cross contamination.

The feeding syringe works well with ENFit feeding sets such as this Gravity Feed Bag Set or Gastrostomy Feeding Tube.

Enfit Syringe End

Product Features and Benefits

Enteral Specific
ENFit Connector for Secure Connection
Clear Body for Easy Measuring
Single Use Prevents Cross Contamination

Product Specifications

Volume: 5, 10, 20, 60 mL
Color: Clear
Connection: ENFit
BPA Free
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