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Vernacare Male Urine Bottle 800ml CTN120


Vernacare Male Urinal Bottle encourages independent toileting, providing convenience and comfort to male patients. Ergonomically shaped traditional design.

Based on the traditional design
No lifting required
Quicker and easier than other methods of toileting
Dispensing rack available - 508ZS001
Capacity : 800ml

Storage solutions
Male urinals can be stored in easy-to-access wall-mounted racks that remove the product from touching surfaces before use. See our range of racks for further details.

Safe disposal
Made from biodegradable over-issued clean newspaper and designed for single-use; the male urinal is used once then disposed of which eliminates the infection risk associated with reusable urinals and toileting products.

Practical design for ease of use
Our single-use containers are designed to hold fluid for up to 4 hours (or up to 2 hours for our detergent-proof washbowls). They are then flushed away safely and quickly in a Vernacare disposal unit, macerating up to 4 containers at once (or up to 2 detergent-proof washbowls).
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