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Conmed Electrodes Tip BLUNT


Conmed Electrodes Tip Blunt
This Blunt (round end) disposable electrode has an insulated sheath that allows, due to its hexagonal collar design, the angled electrode to be placed in any position to improve access to the operative site.
The rounded tip, when used tip facing downwards, allows fulguration techniques to be used with enhanced control and accuracy. This electrode can also be turned over so that the flat back surface can be used for large area cauterisation.

Features and Benefits

Non-sterile & Sterile
For use with the Conmed Hyfrecator 2000 and Schuco 120 only
For larger areas or areas needing precision deep coagulation
Angled design permits maximum visibility of the site being treated
Unique hexagonal collar allows multi positional applications
Blunt / Round Tips are colour coded dark grey
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