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Patient Digital Weight Scale 250kg/100g


Patient Weight Scales deliver outstanding performance and excellent accuracy when weighing both adult and child patients.
The low profile platform makes it easy to step on and off the scale, and a dual-sided LCD display allows the weight to be read by medical professionals or patient.
WAND registered in New Zealand


compact patient weighing scale
body mass index function
hold function
tare function
combined infant weighing mode (10 gram graduation under 20 kg) and adult weighing mode (100 gram graduation between 20 - 250 kg)
anti-slip scale platform surface
reversible display
AC/DC adaptor (supplied) and battery (4 x AA size) operation
New Zealand Register of Medical Devices (WAND) 20084-WAND-6VAB7D
Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) # 174843
net weight 2.5 kg

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