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pH Indicator Stick Non Bleed 0-14 Pk100 FSBFBS33003


Measure the pH value quickly and easily directly at the point of interest. Fisherbrand� pH indicator paper sticks are ready to use at any time and don�t need any calibration, set-up or maintenance.
Therefore, they are perfect in a variety of environments such as: chemical laboratories, industry, dairies, production, universities, schools and food processing.

85mm x 6mm sticks with different indicator papers sealed onto each strip. The pH is determined by comparison with a color chart supplied. The sticks are sufficiently long to avoid contact between the fingers and the test sample.
Provides outstanding measurements safely over the designated pH range
Color scale on the test strip box allows exact comparison with the color developing on the test strip pad
Indicator is covalently bonded on the pads and does not bleed into the sample � can be left in sample for an indefinite time without contamination
Hydrophobic plastic handle protects user from sample and allows pH testing in narrow and deep vessels
Available in a flat box so they fit into your pocket
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