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Delta Dry Softliner 12.5 X 10m


Delta-Dry Softliner
Water Resistant Cast Padding Delta-Dry represents the most recent generation of water resistant cast paddings. Its enhanced features are market and clinically proven and offer an extensive array of benefits. So, if you aim for the highest standard of care, look for Delta-Dry. Delta-Dry is water resistant. In contrast to waterproof cast padding, it is penetrable by water therefore allowing moisture to move through which reduces the risk of skin macerations.

Allows patient to shower, swim or bathe when wearing a cast
Dries quickly
Helps reduce macerations, itching and odor
Reduces the risk of additional, unscheduled cast change
Highly conformable
Easy to apply
Convenient tubular roll dispenser
Reduces the risk of pressure points
Delta-Dry is pleasant on the skin providing soft, comfortable cushioning
No special tools are required for removal. Delta-Dry is resistant to cast saw penetration.
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