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Delta Lite Plus Mixed Colours - 5cm x 3.6m roll


Barcode: 010404280946736920001721090010939

Delta-Lite Plus is a fibreglass cast tape that combines a fibreglass substrate and advanced water activated polyurethane resin system which provides tack free properties. The tack free properties allow ease of application and moulding using standard examination gloves. No longer required are the 'purple' gloves.

Features and Benefits

Easy to Apply

The resin formulation has improved the unrolling tension of the bandage, making it easier to apply the cast, using standard examination gloves.

Greater Conformability

The heat treated substrate of Delta-Lite Plus improves the conformability, providing greater moulding capabilities for rigid primary and secondary casting applications.

High Lamination

The resin system also ensures maximum lamination and end laydown, resulting in a smooth finished cast which is strong, long lasting and lightweight.

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