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Vitalograph Micro Compact Spirometer


The Vitalograph micro spirometer is a good value entry-level model, excellently suited for general and occupational medicine.
The Vitalograph micro is simple and intuitive to use thanks to the large, colourful touchscreen display; energy is supplied through a choice of USB cable or 4 AAA batteries. Tests performed by this Vitalograph spirometer can be charged through EBM, DMP and GO� (German medical fee schedule). The measurement technology of the Vitalograph micro guarantees a long life and high measurement accuracy, as it avoids sensitive and mobile parts.
The Vitalograph micro is equipped with the new GLI reference values and complies with the current "Spirometry Guidelines."

Product Details

Vitalograph micro spirometer (new model)
Large colour touchscreen
Durable pneumotachograph measuring head for exact measurement results, even with very low or very high flow rates
Intuitive use via the large and clear touchscreen
Test results and curves shown on the display
Includes PC software to produce spirometry reports and spirometry curves in PDF format (e.g. to store on the practice software archive module)
Low follow-up costs, as there is no need to buy subsequent and expensive disposable measuring heads, turbines or spirettes
Chargeable through EBM, DMP and GO�
Dimensions: 83 x 91 x 32mm
Weight: approx. 0.25kg (net)
Maximum volume display: 10 litres
Maximum test duration: 90 seconds
Operation via USB cable or 4 AAA batteries (not rechargeable)
Complies with or surpasses: ATS/ERS: 2005 standard, ISO 23747:2007, ISO 26782:2009, all COPD standards

The following parameters can be studied with the Vitalograph micro spirometer:
VC, FVC, FEV1, FEV1/VK, PEF, FEF25-75, FEF25, FEF50, FEF75 and 30 additional parameters (up to 8 parameters can be selected at one time)

Delivery Contents:
Vitalograph micro spirometer
PC software to produce spirometry reports
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