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Polamedco Airway Nasopharyngeal Size 6.00mm


Endotracheal tube made from medical grade PVC (Polyvinyl ChlorideThe cuff is designed to provide a seal with the airway, allow airflow through the ET Tube and prevents passage of air or fluids around the ET Tube.The cuffed ET tube with pilot balloon maintain the tube position inside the trachea.Fitted with standard 15 mm universal connector for attachments to other airway equipment.Graduated markings to display distance from the tip.Well marked to indicate the size (internal diameter in mm. and outer diameter in mm) of ET Tube.Nasoral tip beneficial for both nasal and oral intubations.Full length Radiopaque line provides accurate placement of ET tube.Murphy´┐Żs eye functions as a vent, and prevents the complete obstruction of the patient's airway.Disposable, sterile, single use.
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